Bisco’s PORCELAIN ETCHANT improves the adhesive bond between porcelain and cement by increasing the surface area of the porcelain to be bonded. The effect is similar to sandblasting but is more controlled and effective. PORCELAIN ETCHANT will microscopically roughen any porcelain or glass surface. 

Bisco’s PORCELAIN ETCHANT is now available in 2 concentrations: 9.5% (to reduce etching time) and 4% (for more traditional use). Use either product to etch porcelain veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays prior to cementation or for the repair of porcelain restorations.

In addition, Bisco’s BARRIER GEL is placed where etching is not desired and sold in the PORCELAIN ETCHANT Kits.

Etching Product BISCO