The A9 Operatory System is the newest addition to the Flight family of quality dental operatory systems. Its new stylish design combines some of the robustness from previous designs into a compact and simple dental unit that is highly reliable. As seen in its cousin the A12H Operatory, the chair utilizes a thin backrest to allow you to get as close as possible to the patient and the contoured base plate provides you the most optimal maneuverability to get access to the oral cavity.


Thin Backrest and Seat rest allows for better and closer access to the oral cavity of the patient contoured base plate that allows the user to roll closer to the patient without any obstruction.  This simple and compact design allows you to maximize your space.

Hybrid Chair Lift System

The hybrid chair lift system combines a strong hydraulic base and a smooth and quiet electromechanical back motor. The hybrid design provides a smooth synchronized movement of the chair to allow faster patient positioning.


  • Movable armrest
  • Movable double joint assistant hanger
  • Aluminum back and base
  • Complete water and air control system
  • Suction system
  • Integrated computer controlled, 4 automatic position settings (2 programmable and 2 factory set)
  • Distilled water system
  • Three handpiece automatic control? Reliable air-driven control block system? 8 function foot control for automatic or manual positioning? Wet/Dry foot control with chip air blower? Touchpad control for chair and cuspidor functions? Pre-wired to accommodate built in scalers, electric motors, curing lights and cameras? Rotatable cuspidor? Convenient tray arm mounted air-brake system? Ergonomically correct chair movements improve patient comfort? Padded armrests swing down to allow easy patient entry/exit and reposition for support during treatment
  • Choose from 12 standard upholstery colours in Seamless or UltraSoft Plush
  • Ultrafabric Leather is optional