Supergel Dustless Impression Mat

Supergel® Fresh has all the benefits of our traditional Supergel® alginate but is a dust-controlled formula for less airborne particles when opening and mixing. Berry-Cherry flavored!


1 lb (454g) Can - Regular Set


1 lb (454g) Can - Fast Set


1 lb (454g) Pouch - Regular Set


1 lb (454g) Pouch - Fast Set

8g Powder + 25ml Water = Partial Impression

16g Powder + 50ml Water = Full Impression

Fluff powder by rotating or shaking bag before using. Use 72°F (23°C) water. If necessary to delay the pouring of the model, wrap a wet towel around the impression and store in a plastic bag or sealed container

Dustless Alginate Impression Material


Supergel Dustless Impression Mat