You’ve got the POWER!!!

  • Plasma-equivalent cure speed
  • 2700mW/cm2 focused, low dispersion beam ensures secure/fast bonding
  • 5 second cures of all composites
  • Time Savings $30,000 per year

Incredible size and unmatched durability

  • Improved angulation with lower profile for easier access in the oral cavity.
  • Easier to use and better ergonomics with two raised buttons including a large ON/OFF button for easy activation.
  • Upgraded LCD with multi-color backlight for power mode display
  • Solid metal construction with improved shock proof durability
  • Retro-compatible modular design.
  • Cordless or corded with replaceable battery

Not just a curing light, but a versatile multi-purpose light with built-in upgradable functions:

  • Built-in oral screening program for oral cancer screening
  • Built-in caries detection upgradability
  • Built-in programs to upgrade for teeth whitening