Grandio Flow

Light-cured, flowable 80% filled Nano Hybrid Composite with 4.3mm depth of cure


Filling of smaller cavities of class I

Extended fissure sealing

Blocking-out of undercuts

Lining, coating of cavities (CBF technique, lining technique)

Restorations class II to V

Repair of fillings and veneers

Luting of translucent prosthetic pieces (e.g. porcelain-only crowns, veneers)



  • Outstanding physical properties through 80% filler content
    – Significantly lower shrinkage than conventional flowables
    – Wear resistance of a hybrid
    – Excellent color retention!
  •  Excellent wettability
  •  Thixotropic material that will “flow on demand” without slumping
  •  Precise application with long bendable tip
  •  Natural esthetics and exact shade matching with Grandio
  •  Radiopaque
  •  Non Dripping Syringe Technology (NDT)