Synergy D6

The SYNERGY D6 universal composite is completely focused on simplifying filling therapy without neglecting the aesthetic aspects. The simple assortment of SYNERGY D6 offers only 7 dentin shades and 2 enamel shades. Thanks to the excellent optical self-blending properties of the Duo Shade System, a wide spectrum of tooth shades can be easily managed. Every Duo Shade component contains 2 Vita™ shades (e.g. A1/B1 or A2/B2). Two translucent enamel shades are ideal and indicated as an enamel replacement using the double-layering technique, or for optimising the natural aesthetics.

Not sticky and good sculptability! SYNERGY D6 is convincingly seen as a highly modern filling material:

  • Easy handling  
  • Non sticky  
  • Sculptable material
  • High resistance to the operatory light
  • Low shrinkage
  • Fast and excellent polishability  
  • New available darker shade A4/C4